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Time 54期+Bloomberg Businessweek 50期
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TIME54期+Bloomberg(Print+iPad) 50期

How Companies Win Bloomberg Businessweek NT$5,748 我要訂閲


美國商業週刊『Bloomberg Businessweek』─美國最具影響力的商業雜誌自2006年推出全球唯一國際版,深入報導現今的商業、財經、管理趨勢,精準專業的分析預測贏得各界商業人士的信任,470萬讀者都是追求成功的專業高階人士,幫助他們在現代複雜的經濟社會中找到成功之鑰。

美國商業週刊『Bloomberg Businessweek』是公認最權威的英語商業雜誌,是全球商業核心資訊與知識的提供者,也是全世界企業菁英閱讀率最高的雜誌。

新─Bloomberg Businessweek 2010年全新改版,經由彭博社(Bloomberg)卓越創新能力與其營運規模,及原Businessweek報導的洞察力及深度,將提供讀者更超值的閱讀收穫!By combining the innovation and scale of Bloomberg with the insight and depth of Bloomberg Businessweek, we cover the business world like no one else can. With 1,700 journalists in 146 bureaus across 72 countries, we have more reporters, all over the world, asking the questions that you want answered.”

National Magazine Award
A prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award
Two National Press Club Awards
The AAAS Science Journalism Award
The Barlett & Steele Award for Investigative Business Journalism。


Bloomberg Businessweek 50期+讀者文摘12期
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Bloomberg Businessweek一年期 + 讀者文摘一年期(中文)

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Bloomberg Businessweek一年期 + 讀者文摘一年期(英文) NT$12,896 NT$4,250 我要訂閲



How Companies Win(精裝)
作者:Rick KashDavid Calhoun 定價:US$26.99

Profiting from Demand-Driven Business Models No Matter What Business You're In

In a world of contracting markets and diminished consumer demand, The Cambridge Group founder Rick Kash and Nielsen Company CEO David Calhoun show companies how to find new customers and bigger profits. How Companies Win makes The Cambridge Group’s proprietary demand model—a strategy which multi-million dollar corporations pay premium rates to access—available to the general public for the first time. Taking the reigns from Larry Bossidy’s Execution, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne’s Blue Ocean Strategy, and Kash’s own The New Law of Demand and Supply, this is a must-have for succeeding in business in the twenty-first century.

Businessweek美國商業週刊 Businessweek美國商業週刊 Businessweek美國商業週刊 Businessweek美國商業週刊 Businessweek美國商業週刊 Businessweek美國商業週刊
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